Equal Quality of Life

Project based on international cooperation for strengthening the gender equality and ceasing the violence against women

The general purpose of the project is to strengthen the co-operation between the Icelandic and Hungarian organizations, to subserve the gender equality and to motivate putting an end to the violence against women.

Iceland is a leader in tolerance, non-discrimination and also in providing gender equality. A specific purpose of ours to change people’s mind about female roles by the help of introducing the Icelandic good-practice. We would like to reveal the prejudices against women rooted in the past by bringing the traditional female and male activities, still existing in the Hungarian society, into focus. We are looking for the way how to cease the roles forced on women, especially in villages, in order to draw the attention of the society to these women’s right to break out from these chains if they want to do so. They have the right to study, to have a good job, to start an enterprise, and all of these beside having children. They have the right to live a safe life in family or alone, if they want to do so.